Deen Essentials is a program tailored for the high school student.  It is comprised of 8 courses, taken from grades 9-12.  Students may join in any time.  Students will go a step further and learn about their deen in depth, and at their grade level.  


Course list includes:

  • Mercy to Mankind - Makkan Period
  • Purification & Prayer
  • Death & Afterlife
  • Fundamental Beliefs
  • Purification of the Heart
  • The Rights of Parents & Prohibitions of the Tongue
  • The Compilation of the Quran & the Hadith
  • Basics of the Sacred Law (Fasting, Zakat, Hajj, Marriage, Trade, Inheritance)

The class is open to boys and girls.

Fall session starts in September, Spring session starts in January.  

Please visit our Upcoming Events page to see what the current or upcoming course topic/schedule is, and register.