During the middle school, our kids undergo some changes, so they we have developed a class and programs just for themselves taught by someone not so removed from that time of life. The Explorer program is a 3 year program, that focuses on the Seerah, and fundamentals of their faith.  The program helps build a strong muslim identity and inspiration for our youth, and provides a safe space for our muslim youth to learn and grow in their deen.

The curriculum is comprised of 6 courses for grades 6-8 (or home school equivalent).  Students can join at any time in the sequence.  Fall term starts in September, and Spring term beings in January.  Courses are weekly and an hour long.  

Course list:

  • Fundamental Beliefs
  • Purification & Prayer
  • The Makkan Period
  • The Madinan Period

The Fall courses are twelve sessions, while Spring courses are fifteen.  Boys and Girls open to register.

Once the student finishes this program, the next program is our High School Deen Essentials 4 year program.

Check our Upcoming Events page to see when the next term begins and to register.