Classical Arabic Grammar (Arabic only)

Event details

  • December 10, 2017
  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • 2550 Eisenhower Ave, Suite B205
  • 4849280475

This course will go over one of the most fundamental grammar texts in the Arabic Language; Ajroomiyah.  The text is a very concise text by ibn Ajrom but will establish the foundation for any one interested in partaking the journey of understanding Arabic Grammar.  The course will be taught using the shar and commentary by Maqbool Bin Hadi.  This course will be in Arabic only.  Basic listening and reading comprehension of the language is a must.  This is a 12 week course.

Course Policy

Students are responsible for ensuring that they are on the class email list Assignment submissions should be in hard copy form or by finishing them online as applicable. Email submissions cannot be accepted.

Assignments (Grading)

Attendance (20%)

Homework and Quizzes (20%)

Homework problems will be assigned at the end of each class.  Answers will be discussed and checked in class the following week by peers. Reviewed assignments will be collected and credit given.

Midterm Presentation (30%)

A presentation will be given by each student on the topics covered in the first half of the semester.

Final Exam (30%)

The final exam will be cumulative. Both homework and readings will be covered.

Ajroomiyah – IQRA Fall 2017

Taught by Instructor Sh. Omar Ali, 215-512-8353

Office Hours: Sunday  8:30-9 pm, and by appointment 

Required Text: Al Mumti’ By Maqbool Bin Hadi,

Schedule (to be revised as appropriate)

Date Topic Reading
September 17 مقدمة الشيخ الإمام مقبل بن هادي مقدمة الشرح 3-7
September 24 منهج الشرح

إرشادات في طريقة الشرح
التعريف بإبن آجروم

October 1 تعريف الكلام–تمارين
أجزاء الكلام — تمرين
October 8 علامات الاسم
علامات الفعل علامات الحرف
October 15 MIDTERM
October 22 باب الإعراب و البناء
أنواع الإعراب
October 29 تقسيم الاسم إلى مفرد مثنى و جمع
باب معرفة علامات الإعراب
November 5 المعربات بالحروف و شروط إعراب الأسماء الخمسة 37-43
November 12 المعربات بالحروفالمعربات 44-50
November 19 باب الفعال


November 26 NO CLASS
December 3 نواصب المضارع 69-76
December 10 Final Exam
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