Purification of the Soul (Deen Essentials Spring Term)

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  • February 14, 2018
  • 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • 2550 Eisenhower Ave, Suite B205, Trooper PA 19403
  • (484) 928-0475

Join us for our Deen Essentials course for High school students entitled “Purification of the Soul”, this is course 2 out of 8 courses.

This course will focus on 10 Obstacles in the Path of Servitude to Allah. The purpose of this course is to give students an in-depth look into the challenges facing our spiritual journey to becoming better servants of Allah (God).

The purpose of our creation in this life is to align every facet of our existence with the divine expectations outlined in the Qur’an and demonstrated in the life of Prophet Muhammad. Most of the challenges we face in our attempt to fulfill this objective are largely connected to our perceptions, which have been shaped by our in ability to process the obstacles that we allow to stifle the growth and development of our souls.

Purification of the soul is a common theme echoed throughout the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet in order that the believer has a more intimate relationship with the acts of worship aimed at perfecting his servitude (uboodiyah) to Allah. And during this 12-week course, students will be able to identify and address some of the challenges that hinder this quest using a combination of Qur’anic texts, fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and Ahadeeth (prophetic traditions).

Students will learn how to problem solve some of the most common internal/external conflicts known to those who seek a deeper connection with Allah through worship, while developing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the elements that tend to infringe on this connection.

Worship can be one of the most spiritually therapeutic methods of manifesting our servitude to Allah, while bringing joy and tranquility to the soul tormented by its distance from Him. But this can only be achieved once we identify, and subsequently remove, the obstacles that hinder this process.

Deen Essentials is a program tailored for the high school student.  It is comprised of 8 courses, taken from grades 9-12.  Students may join in any time.  Students will go a step further and learn about their deen in depth, and at their grade level.

Requirements: Grade 9-12 (or high school equivalent), boys and girls

Course Schedule: 12 weeks, beginning January 17th

Tuition: $199

Week One: Introduction

Week Two: Obstacle #1: Shaytan: The Eternal Enemy

Week Three: Obstacle #2: Our Desires

Week Four: Frustration with Calamities and Trials of Life

Week Five: Overestimating Our Spiritual Capacity

Week Six: Obstacle #5: Keeping Bad Company

Week Seven: Obstacle #6: Trials and Tests from Allah

Week Eight: Obstacle #7 Sin and Disobedience

Week Nine: Obstacle #8: Bad Character

Week Ten: Obstacles #9: Lack of Gratitude

Week Eleven: Obstacle #10: Lack of Sincerity

Week Twelve: Conclusion

Taught by Imam Shadeed Muhammad

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