Step By Step is an education program designed with new Muslims in mind. It is a weekly two hour course of 14 sessions, approximately run over three months.  Courses are offered every fall and spring in locations that rotate around the Greater Philadelphia area.

Going through this program with us will be an opportunity for you to meet and spend time with other new Muslims with whom you can share your experience and build real bonds of brother/sister-hood for the sake of Allah.

The unique objective of this course is to equip you with an unshakable foundation that will help strengthen your faith (eman). As a new-Muslim, you may already have faced many tests and trials along your journey. This course will help provide a unique Islamic perspective on how to deal with such tribulations and help empower you in overcoming any further challenges that life may throw your way, by the permission of Allah.

Course Overview

This course will take you through your journey of life as a Muslim; starting from the day you accepted Islam to the day that you will return back to your Creator. You will cover various topics, such as:

1) The Fitra: You may not have realised it, but your belief in Allah is not simply the result of your learning or personal thinking, but something instinctive that Allah has put into every one of us.

2) Allah‟s Guidance: Now that you have acknowledged your Creator, how do you know what is expected from you? Through His prophet (peace be upon him) and final revelation, Allah has explained our true purpose of life!

3) Establishing the 5 pillars: Equipped with a clear road-map (the Qur‘an & the way of the prophet – pbuh), we can now establish the foundations of the five pillars upon which our relationship with Allah will is based. These foundations also play a great role in strengthening our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Islam.

4) The reality of tests: A thought that often comes to mind is: Now that I‘m a Muslim and I‘m obeying the commands of my Lord, why is my life still difficult? Learning why these tests occur and what these challenges are really about will allow you to turn these tests to your own advantage.

5) Beware of your declared enemy: We could not end without warning you of your declared enemy: Shaytan. Your failure is his mission! So you need to know who he is, how did he come about and how to strengthen your relationship with Allah to defeat him insha’Allah (God willing).

6) The Final Destination: Death is the inevitable step that you have to take to reach your ultimate destination where you will abide forever! Very soon, you will meet your Lord. For those who denied the meeting, it will be a day of sadness, one they will wish had never come. For you, as a believer, it can be the best day of your life!

Fall Semester runs from September - December

Spring Semester runs from January - April

We attempt to rotate the course offering between the City of Philadelphia and suburbs.  Check the Upcoming Events page to see when the next course will be running!   

If your community is interested in hosting a Step by Step program.  Please contact us here.