Br Adam Abubakar

Br Adam Abubakar is a lifelong learner and passionate educator. He is a father of three college level sons.

Br Adam started his learning journey by attending Sh. Sufi Middle School in Mogadishu which was instructed by well qualified teachers from the University of Azhar with the cooperation of various actors. Students were taught Islamic and Arabic Studies as well as their secular education in Arabic language as a medium instruction.

More recently, Br Adam tried to partake in a new learning experience to gain more knowledge and skills by taking a variety of diverse subjects in Islamic and Arabic studies as well as the teacher certification pathway he intends to complete in the next two years. Most importantly among those he gained is the certificate of completion from University of Minnesota (UofMN) in the Train-the-Trainer Professional Certificate (including instructional design aspects).

Br Adam taught, tutored, trained in multiple settings and localities of both young and adults and has about 12 years combined experience as an educator. In those years, Adam led organizations, programs and also played important roles as curriculum designer and strategic planner roles.

Br Adam is willing to be an educator for the rest of his life for both young and adult learners. Because of that he has a strong passion for being an educator and that is the main reason he is pursuing his degree in education.