Sr. Heeba Malik

Sister Heeba Malik grew up in Maryland and moved to Pennsylvania in 2018. Growing up, she attended Al-Huda School in College Park, MD before she went on to pursue Hifdh. Upon completion, she continued her education at UMBC where she acquired a degree in Health Administration and Policy. As a student, she served as the MSA Sister’s Vice President and Chair of the MSA Advisory Board. While in Maryland, she was a Sunday school teach for 7 years at her local Masajid. Heeba has worked with the After School Program at IQRA for the past year as well as a Quran Quest teacher this past summer.

Heeba’s goals are to promote a healthy and captivating environment for children to learn more about Islam and the Qur’an. More than just learning from books and assignments, Heeba believes in fostering pride and love for being Muslim through different forms of learning, such as building excitement and incorporating fun activities all geared towards increasing knowledge and becoming a better individual and citizen of the future.