Ustadh Isa Ibn Matta

Through the bounty of Allāh, Ust. Isa embraced Islām in 2013. Since then he has had the honor to study with over a dozen Shuyūkh, ranging from such esteemed places of knowledge such as the University of Madinah, Azhar University, Morocco, Pakistan, India, and Palestine.

He now teaches and leads youth programs on the east coast as well as for AHI at various masaajid and schools in the US. Prior to Islam, Ust. Isa’s secular studies include: Psychology, Philosophy, Communications, English, Arts, Project Management Professionalism, and certifications in Mental Health. Ust. Isa has been blessed to study and complete some ijaazaat in the Holy Qur’an, Arabic, Qira’aat, Tafsir, Taareekh, ‘Aqeedah, and Tajweed.